Choosing Your Session

Single Sessions

The following relaxation and stress relief sessions are designed to relax body and mind. They are great for overall or short-term stress relief. You can call me to schedule an appointment, or you can book these sessions online. You do not need a consultation for these overall stress-relief sessions.

To eliminate a specific or recurring source of stress (an upcoming speech, flight, test, etc.), we will likely need more than one session. Read more about multiple sessions below.

Call (503) 710-4428 or
schedule online.

Book an Appointment

Call (503) 710-4428 or
schedule online.

Book an Appointment

Call Destinations Hypnosis
(503) 710-4428 or
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Multiple Sessions

When should you think about doing more than one session? If you want to

  • overcome a habit,
  • eliminate a fear,
  • increase your self-confidence,
  • shield against an ongoing source of stress, or
  • make hypnosis a regular part of your self-care routine,

then a multiple-session plan will lower your per-session cost. 

$85 per session
through December 31.

Don’t wait until New Year’s Day to improve your life.
Start today.
3-session minimum.


To decide how many sessions are right for you, schedule a free 30-minute telephone consultation by calling (503) 710-4428  or schedule your consultation online.

This free 30-minute consultation gives us the opportunity to talk about what you want to accomplish and answer any questions you may have.

Session comparisons

If you’re considering hypnosis but don’t know where to start, use the chart below to compare your options. To get more information, call (503) 710-4428 for a free consultation, or schedule your consultation online.