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Note: All sessions are currently being conducted
via videoconferencing.

Note: In compliance with the Stay Home/Save Lives order, I am now conducting ALL sessions online (not just sessions with out-of-state clients). Research shows that hypnosis sessions done via real-time video conferencing is as effective (if not more) than in-person sessions.


Destinations Hypnosis is located at
3841 SW Hall Bl.
Beaverton, OR 97005

Phone: 503-710-4421


Mon-Thu 7am-7pm

Fri & Sun closed
Sat by appointment


The office is on the first floor, inside fUSe Studio.  The office building is called Beaver Creek Village and is located at the corner of SW Hall Bl. and Westgate Ave. in Beaverton, across from Wendy’s and Hometown Buffet. The office is close to the Beaverton Transit Center and Cedar Hills Crossing.