Michelle De Lude CH

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Michelle De Lude, CH, MNLP

About Michelle De Lude, CH, MNLP

Like you, my first impression of hypnosis came from what I saw in movies and on TV.

My passion for hypnosis really began in 1983 at a Los Angeles party, where I had my first ever panic attack.

A hypnotist in attendance took me into a quiet room and led me through a process that took less than five minutes. I couldn’t believe the resulting calm.

Thirty years and 15,000 client-hours later, I am still excited to help clients eliminate old patterns of fear, stress, and unwanted habits. As an author and speaker, I’ve been fortunate to share this information.

As you decide to learn how hypnosis can help you, I look forward to talking with you. 

—Michelle De Lude, CH, MNLP