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Michelle De Lude, CH, MNLP

About Michelle De Lude, CH, MNLP

My passion for hypnosis was born in 1983 at a Los Angeles party, where I had my first ever panic attack.

A hypnotist was in attendance. He took me into a quiet room and led me through a process that took less than five minutes. I couldn’t believe the resulting calm. Could it really be that easy?

Thirty years and 15,000 client-hours later, I’m still awed each day by the ways hypnosis can help eliminate old patterns of fear, stress, and unwanted habits, even ingrained ones. A 60-year smoker is freed from cravings in an hour. A fear of flying eliminated in 90 minutes. A craving for sugar gone in minutes.

How quickly could you get results? Let’s find out. Give me a call at 503-710-4428. The telephone consultation is free. What you want to accomplish might take longer than 90 minutes—or five minutes—, but it might not!

—Michelle De Lude, CH, MNLP