The Personal Change Program

You will be best served through multiple sessions if you want to change a single habit or jump-start a change (stop smoking, stress management, food choices, memory improvement. etc.).

In our first session, we will

  • clearly define the change you want to make,
  • create a step-by-step plan for getting you there,
  • go over some of the basics of hypnosis, so that you’ll understand the process
  • determine which style of hypnosis you are most receptive to,
  • select the best hypnotic techniques for you, and
  • begin the work.

Sessions that follow will be tailored to your individual goals and desires.

You may want basic instruction in self-hypnosis, or you may want advanced tools and techniques. Some clients need deeper homework, depending on their aspirations. 

"How Many Sessions Will I Need?"

You may need just a few sessions if you want to change a single habit or jump-start a change, like stop smoking, sugar cravings, memory improvement, etc.

You may need more sessions if you have more than one issue to resolve or if your issue has several components. Weight loss often falls into this category, because losing weight can be affected by environment, relationships, mood, and physical ability, as well as other influences.