One-Session Stress Relief

One-Session Stress Relief

This single session for first-time clients relaxes body and mind. It is great for overall or short-term stress management.

During this 90-minute session,

Foundation. I’ll collect information to customize your session. We’ll identify the path you want to take, away from today’s stress and toward a new experience of freedom from stress.

We’ll design your new experience based on your personal circumstances.

Hypnosis basics. I’ll measure your natural hypnotic abilities and give you techniques to make them even stronger.

Hypnosis session. I’ll conduct a hypnotic session designed to the specifications you provide..

Recording. You’ll receive a high-quality audio recording that you can download and replay anytime you want. You can use it to boost your stress management abilities.

If you have never used hypnosis before, I strongly recommend booking a 30-minute Free Consultation prior to your session.

Your investment for a single session is $150, which includes a new-client setup fee, or $130, if you are a returning client.

To eliminate a specific or recurring source of stress (an upcoming speech, flight, test, etc.), we will need more than one session, which is provided in the Personal Change Program.

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