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What clients say…

  • Quit (smoking) the first session. Michelle was terrific and awesome as a hypnotist. Thank you for making the opportunity a success for me. I can live a healthier life now.
  • Marvelous Michelle.
  • I eat fish now, never before… The hypnosis is great.
  • Great techniques.
  • Michelle has a wonderfully soothing and pleasant voice. She is always calm. She never stutters and her voice seems to musically flow. She always asks very good questions and helps come up with positive and productive solutions. She gives her all!
  • The encouragement is very helpful and also if I mention a problem the thoughtfulness and information offered are things I can work with. Thank you.
  • M. De Lude reminds me of everybody’s favorite teacher in school. During story time, the kids would sit back and listen to the teacher read a wonderful story.
  • Michelle has been tremendous at reaching my button to self understanding.
  • She listened, let me work through my thoughts with her, helping to find again the reason I am here. She listened carefully and cared. I am feeling back on track, exercising, drinking my water, and feeling joyful!

 What colleagues, peers, and trainers say…

  • I think she is the metaphor QUEEN.
  • What an excellent session… I believe you are her new champion for her journey to become “anxiety” free.
  • You’re very gifted.
  • You did an amazing job with this client. Brilliant! Your ability to diffuse situations with your grace and kindness is what we should all be striving for… it could be a wonderful training piece.
  • You are willing to put the work in to learn new things and broaden your horizons. I am always inspired by that.
  • Intelligent, helpful, you can count on her.
  • A very patient person.
  • A GOOD thinker, focused on details.
  • Interested in people’s lives because she cares. Great sense of humor.
  • Hidden talents that keep flowing.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Nonjudgmental.
  • Grounded.