Getting the most from your first hypnosis session

If you have never been to a hypnotist before, you may be wondering, “What will happen during my session?”

Previewing your session

You will have received an email with directions to the office, so it will be easy to find the building and a parking space. You’ll come into my first-floor office, where I will welcome you in the reception area. Depending on the day of the week, you may meet one of the other practitioners in the adjacent offices. We’ll go into my office, where we’ll be working.

You’ll fill out some new-client paperwork if you’re a new client, and sometimes if you’re a returning client.

You’ll pay for the number of sessions we discussed during your consultation, and we’ll finish scheduling the remainder of your sessions (if you’re coming in for more than one session).

We’ll answer any questions that may have occurred to you since your consultation, and I’ll gather any additional information.

Prior to the hypnosis session, we’ll do some receptivity exercises, which will

  • determine the methods of hypnosis that are best for you,

  • allow you to enter the state easily and deeply, and

  • strengthen and improve your hypnotic abilities over time.

Supercharging your session

Hypnosis is based on relaxing the conscious mind and allowing the subconscious room to work. Going into hypnosis is a simple and pleasurable process. In fact, everyone goes in and out of hypnotic states multiple times every day, spontaneously. It’s simply part of how our brains work.

When you go to a hypnotist however, you want to get the most out of your hypnosis session. You have a limited amount of time, and you want every moment to be productive. Here is a checklist of questions to ask yourself so that you are set up for success.


Come to your session ready to focus.


  • Do you drink a lot of water, coffee, tea, or alcohol? Avoid drinking large amounts of liquid immediately before your session.

  • Is your clothing comfortable? Wear something that is loose or that can be adjusted. At home, before your session, put on the clothes you intend to wear, and sit in a comfortable chair or lean back on a sofa or bed. In that relaxed position, are you free from pressure around your neck, arms, midsection, and legs?

  • Are your shoes comfortable when you’re reclining? If not, can they be removed easily?

  • Are you wearing jewelry or hair accessories that become uncomfortable when you lean back? Does anything itch, pinch, or poke you?

  • Do you know how to turn your cell phone off or put it in airplane mode? Check YouTube or ask a friend or relative to show you. Jot down the steps. Don’t lose precious session time trying to figure this out!

Removing these distractions will prepare you for a relaxing and powerful hypnosis session!