Michelle De Lude

Self-care for busy people (especially, but not exclusively, moms)

I love how this article offers specific, simple tips you can take action on almost immediately. It also focuses on CHOICES vs. blaming others. Richard Bach once wrote, “The best way to avoid responsibility is to say, ‘I’ve got responsibilities.’” When you’re a mom, a business owner, or an executive, it can feel like everything …

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Beliefs and Body Art

Writer Steven Barnes posted something on his Facebook page the other day about how someone who (1) acts with a generous heart on behalf of another, is then (2) criticized by that other person because the “generous” action is perceived as insensitive, condescending, clueless, or whatnot, can (3) become irritated by the recipient’s ingratitude and …

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Comedy hypnosis show!

I love comedy hypnosis, and I was fortunate last Saturday to see Doug Meacham perform in Gresham, at the SALT Academy. Some hypnotherapists dislike comedy shows, because they think comedy hypnosis gives people the wrong idea about hypnosis. Despite the fact that the number one question I get from people is, “Are you going to …

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Mind/body, sexuality, and coaching

A couple of weeks ago, I met with Kristine D’Angelo, of DoYourSexLifeAFavor. D’Angelo is a certified sex coach, which means she’s a coach (someone who listens, asks questions, gives homework assignments, reflects, encourages, holds people accountable, etc.) who helps clients with goals regarding their sexual lives – physicality, attitudes, experiences, communication (with self and others), …

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